Why a Wealthbuilder Summit?

It started like many things do, with a Zoom call to get to know each other better. Halfway through the call we realized it would be fun to work on a project together that helped others. With Nev’s agency growth work and Michelle’s community experience, the WP Wealthbuilder Summit began to take form.

We’ve structured two tracks to help you grow wealth and profit within your business, and succession and retirement planning for a rich future.

  • Attend free and watch the sessions in real time.
  • Buy a weekend or annual access plan and watch all the sessions as many times as you want to.

Our goal is to bring together the brightest minds to present the best information to help you grow your business and personal wealth.

See you at the summit!

Nev Harris
Nev Harris
Michelle Frechette
Michelle Frechette

Nev shows agency owners where the profit is hiding in their business.

He has owned an agency the last 7 years and owes a lot of his success to the supportive WordPress community. The “profit guy” started as a passion project to give back to the community but at the urging of several friends morphed into something bigger.

He has the fancy degrees and the started with the suit and tie job but found that to be insanely boring. It’s his down to earth take on finance for the tech world that has led to him being featured in numerous national media outlets. You can say he is the guy they call when they want to talk money without putting the audience to sleep.

See money talk doesn’t need to be scary. Or boring. Or something you do behind closed doors with an accountant who appears to be speaking another language.

It is the key to unlocking the profit trapped in your business and lowering your stress around cash flow and expenses.

On a personal note, he’s shockingly single with no kids. He does have a dog, Romeo but his ex-gf took him saying something like it was her dog because she bought him three years before they met. Romeo and he disagree but she seems one hell of a lot bigger than 5 foot when she is explaining this so their love goes unrequited.

Michelle Frechette is the Director of Community Engagement for StellarWP at Liquid Web.

“The busiest woman in WordPress.”
~Matt Mullenweg, WCUS 2022.

In addition to her work at StellarWP, Michelle is the Podcast Barista at WPCoffeeTalk.com, cofounder of underrepresentedintech.com, creator of wpcareerpages.com, the president of the board for BigOrangeHeart.org, Director of Community Relations and contributor at PostStatus.com, co-host of the WPMotivate podcast, author, business coach, and a frequent organizer and speaker at WordPress events. 

Michelle lives in Hilton, New York (just outside of Rochester) where she’s an avid nature photographer. (Check her Instagram for photos.)

You can learn more about Michelle at meetmichelle.online.